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The "Newspaper Articles" page catalogues  newspaper articles within FrankWykoff.Com  according to year and month of publication 1927 - 1980.




Newspaper Articles

1928 - 1936 and Beyond



1927 - Newspaper Articles

Spring 1927:  Glendale is Proud of Her Star Sprinters


Spring 1927:  "Wykoff Loses to S.C. Star" Frank Wykoff, a Junior in High School competes against University Star Sprinter, Charlie Borah.


May 7, 1927: Wykoff's "World Mark Is Refused Because of Wind!" -- article written by:  Harry Culver


May 9, 1927:  "Glendale's Four Horsemen Gallop Back Home With State Track Trophy" Glendale High School's Athletic team walks away with the State Title & Trophy.


Wykoff Leads Powerful Team From Glendale -- and reprint of an article by Edward Lawrence.


1928 - Newspaper Articles


May - 1928: Newspaper photo and short article entitled: "The King and Two Rebels. The King was Charley Paddock, and the two rebels are Frank Wykoff and Frank Lombardi.


May - 1928: Newspaper article reprint written by sportswriter, Braven Dyer. Wykoff who is "peeved" at Paddock for forecasting that he would not make  the Olympic team, goes  into hiding to secretly  practice his strategy to "humble Paddock."  (added 8-24-03)


June - 1928:  Newspaper Photo of Coach Norm Hayhurst and Frank Wykoff shortly after Frank Wykoff vanquished Charley Paddock at the Olympic Regional trails; and earned a ticket to the Olympic Finals in New York.  Reprint of a short article entitled: "The Two Happiest Men In the World".   (added 8-24-03)


June - 1928:  Action shot from Los Angeles Examiner of  Nate George who came in third at the Olympic Semi-Final  trials held in Los Angeles, CA. on 6-16-28. (added 8-24-03)


June - 1928:  Reprint: Charley Paddock (?King Features) wrote an article en route to the Olympic Finals to be held at Harvard Stadium in Massachusetts entitled:  "Paddock Lauds Wykoff As Sprinter" after Frank Wykoff earned national attention in the sports world after stealing away Paddock's title of being the World's "Fastest Human." (added 3-11-05)


June - 1928: Frank Wykoff & Coach Hayhurst  must both prove that they are Citizens of USA - 1928.  (unavailable)


July, 1928: "Glendale, California Police to the Rescue" (1928) En-route to the Olympic Finals, Wykoff discovers that he left his running  shoes behind.  The Glendale Police chase down his train for three miles, and hurl his suitcase to the observation plank. (article written by Terri Wykoff)


July, 1928: Reprint of a newspaper article entitled:  "Wykoff As Good As Our Greatest" written by Arthur Duffey who interviewed Frank Wykoff following  OLYMPIC tryout finals held in Boston, Massachusetts July 6, 1928. (added 8-25-03)


July, 1928: Column by sportswriter Arthur Duffey entitled DUFFEY PICKED WYKOFF TO WIN! (1928 Olympic Finals - Massachusetts) (added 8-23-03)


July, 1928: The "Headlines -- Olympic Finals 1928" . Star Athletes featured (images) were Arthur W. Sager, Frank Wykoff, Roland Locke, Folwell Scull, Hank Russell, Jackson Scholz, Claude Bracey, Chet Bowman, Bob McAllister, Jimmy Quinn, Virgil Gist, Ray Watson, John F. Sittig, Russell Chapman, and Edward Hamm.   (added 2-02-05)


 July, 1928:  7-07-28 - "How (Harvard) Stadium Looked (7-07-28)  ..." Boston Post (added 2-02-05)


July, 1928: Reprint:  Sports Editor "Don" - speculated who from the west coast would win the big 1928 Olympic final try-outs held at Harvard Stadium -- Massachusetts the same day that his column "Now I'll Tell You One"  was published.  Top candidates expected to wipe out the 100M and 200M eastern track contenders included:  Frank Wykoff; Charley Paddock, Charles Borah, Clyde Bracey, Hank Russell.  Other picks included Russ Slocum, Frank Lombardi, and Nate George. (added 3-09-05)


July, 1928:  "Wonder Boy (Frank Wykoff) Wins Sprint -- Equals World's 100-Metre Record of 10 3-5 Four Times" Boston Post - article by sports editor, Roger Birtwell. (added 3-09-05)


July, 1928: Frank Wykoff's "flying start" is captured on film and makes headlines after he equaled the Olympic record 4 times in one day to earn a ride to Amsterdam to represent the U.S.A. in the 1928 Olympics. (added 8-23-03)


July 22, 1928:  "Olympic Dash Marks Topped By Stock Car" - Los Angeles Examiner -- "Paddock and Wykoff Outdone."  Durant-Star, Put Through Its Paces on Coliseum Track by Harold Kaiser, Sets Records in 100M, 200M, and 400M - beating out Human sprint records.   (added 12-12-04)


July 29, 1928: Reprint of Newspaper Article -- Des Moines Register written by Vernon E. Whaley - entitled:  "Frank Wykoff got his Start Toward Athletic Fame Running Errands Here"--  describes how Frank Wykoff as a young boy ... Copied the style of Charlie Paddock, and then defeated  him 8 years later.  


 July - 1928: Associated Press Article (scanned) -- entitled: "Nation May Protest Running of Paddock" regarding 1928 Olympics. (added 10-20-04)


July - 1928:  "Stowaways" aboard the S. S. Roosevelt en-route to Amsterdam - Four USA Athletes who did not make the 1928 USA Olympic Team decided not to be left behind.  (article restored 4-04-05)


July 1928:  "USA Olympic Team Confined to a Floating Hotel"  after ship is docked at Amsterdam. (1928) 


August, 1928:  Newspaper Photograph of the "Parade Of Olympic Teams At Amsterdam," 1928. (added 8-22-03)


August, 1928:  "Incidents at 1928 Olympics - USA Does not dip its' flag"


August 13, 1928: Reprint: Newspaper article with photographs of Frank Wykoff & Percy Williams headlined ..."Wykoff and Williams -- Future Intercollegiate Rivals?" (added 11-23-03)


August, 1928: "Olympic Star Scintillates On Track Here..."  article by: Munro Kezer - Fort Collins, Colorado.  Frank Wykoff visits old classmate, Lucille Brentman after his return from Amsterdam.


September 4, 1928:   "Conquering Hero Returns" -- Full page Glendale News-Press presentation bestowing honor to  Frank Wykoff upon his return from his participation in the 1928 Olympics at Amsterdam entitled: "Welcome Home Frank, Glendale Is Proud of You..." has been scanned and reprinted. (added 5-22-04)


September, 1928:  "I am through -- It's Frank's Turn Now!" declared Paddock at  Olympic Homecoming of Frank Wykoff  from Amsterdam.


September, 1928: Wykoff writes own story on his  "Rise To Fame"  in the  Glendale Community College newsletter.


September, 1928: Reprint -- Frank Wykoff Attends Glendale Jr. College.  Exciting article appeared in the Glendale Jr. College newsletter concerning the athletic achievements of Frank Wykoff dating back to 1927; and the little published behind the scenes story of the unbelievable hardships placed on all of the athletes during the 1928 Olympics held in Amsterdam, Holland. (added 12-03-03)


1929 - Newspaper Articles


Early, 1929 - Great Athletes - By Sid Ziff, Sports Editor.  Frank Wykoff is  one of  nine Southern California athletes whom Sports Editor, Sid Ziff, named as a great athlete in 1929.  Newspaper Photographs of star athletes include: Frank Wykoff, Charles Borah, John Kuck, Charley Paddock, Capt. Jesse Hibbs, Morley Drury, Morton Kaer, George Von Elm, and Bud Houser. (added 8-8-03)


3-31-29:  Frank Wykoff was featured in photographs demonstrating his famous sprinting positions in the article below entitled-- "Junior Olympic Games" published in the Los Angeles Times.  Boyd Comstock was the commentator. (added 11-05-03)


April, 1929:  (1929) The names of Fred Kelly, Charley Paddock, (Howard?) Drew, Lee Barnes, Bud Houser, and Charley Borah  are highlighted in a caricature of Coach Dean Cromwell by an artist named Buel in a newspaper named "Bee." (added 8-31-04)


May 5, 1929: Dark Horse Winner In Weird Contest  Sprinters should never look back -- or else they may lose the race -- as what happened to Frank Wykoff, national 100-yard champion, on May 5, 1929.  Article written by Don Ashbaugh, News-Press sports editor. (added 11-09-03)


June, 1929: "Starting Blocks Are Bunk" Declared Wykoff After Practice With Them." Article written by Don Ashbaugh (added 11-12-03)


June, 1929:  "Now I'll Tell One" - by sports columnist DON wrote about Starting Blocks and how Frank Wykoff just has to beat George Simpson who holds the 9.4s record in the 100 yard dash -- but used starting blocks to attain it.  (added 11-12-03)


June 12, 1929:  A. A. U. Disputes Foot Props - "A.A.U. May Rule Against Foot Bracers."  Article written by Lawrence Perry (added 11-12-03)


June, 1929:  A. A. U. announced that starting "Blocks Will Not Be Used By Sprinters."  "A A U Bars Starting Blocks from the Denver 1929 Meet" -- Article written by Lawrence Perry  (added 11-12-03)


June, 1929:  Newspaper article entitled: "'Suits Us Fine' Declared Wykoff And Coach When Starting Blocks Barred"  Article written by Don Ashbaugh (added 11-12-03)


June, 1929:  Newspaper Article Reprint: "Starting Blocks For Century Men Debated"  (added 11-12-03)


June, 1929:  "Now I'll Tell One" by DON - Columnist described eastern time keepers vs. western time keepers, and compared foot props used in a race the same as using drugs -- both are allegedly artificial stimulators.   (added 11-12-03)


July, 1929:  Coast's Mighty Track Men Defend Title -- 1929 A.A.U. National Championship Denver, Colorado  (July 3 - 5, 1929)-- newspaper photographs of Henry Brix, Frank Wykoff, Jimmy Demers, Charley Paddock, Ray Conger, Russell Sweet, and Leo Lermond. (added 5-21-04)


July, 1929:  Series of newspaper photographs with blurbs -- Frank Wykoff, Leo Lermond, Ken Doherty, Albers, Haynes, Mauer, Paddock, Roll, Proudlock, Grumbles and Welsh are  featured in a live event photos by  E. O. Eisenhand of the Denver Post staff during the 1929 A. A. U. National Championship Track meet held in Denver, Colorado July 3-5. (added 11-30-04)


July, 1929 - Percy "Williams Hopes For A New Record "(Assoc. Press) (added 10-23-03)


July, 1929 - Newspaper article reprinted - "Claim Wykoff First in Race" - sports writer, Bill Barnett, reported that Olympic Champion, Percy Williams of Canada, planned to move to Los Angeles.  (added 10-21-03)


July, 1929 -    Sprint King to Find Throne (Percy Williams)   (added 10-22-03)


July, 1929 - Eddie Tolan is named the new 1929 A.A.U. Champion  in both the 100 & 220 yard dash - Denver, Colorado.  Page includes newspaper action shots and a reprint of a newspaper article entitled "Wykoff  Lacks Reserve."  (Added 8-29-03)


July, 1929:  News Article:  "Americans Robbed" -   Controversial Vancouver Track  Meet concerning three star sprinters who all believed they came in first.  Athletes in question were: Frank Wykoff; Percy Williams; and Eddie Tolan.(1929)


July, 1929:  Vancouver 1929 Newspaper photo of Frank Wykoff, Eddie Tolan, and Percy Williams clutching hands on July 13, 1929 in agreement that the choice of the judges decision was correct in the most controversial race in the life of Frank Wykoff.  (added 8-08-03)


 July, 1929:  Portion of an article with many photographs entitled:  "Olympic Games Here in 1932."  Source is unknown. (added 11-30-04)



1930 - Newspaper Articles


5-10-30 Newspaper articles added  to AAU Occidental College Track Meet 


5-19-30 News article:   - Stanford Meet - Dyer - Wykoff dead heat --220 yard dash


6-11-30  Iowa Newspaper article written by: Ted Ashby:  "FORMER DES MOINES BOY HAS MANY TROPHIES" has been copied and reprinted for easier reading.  After setting a new world record in the 100 yard dash (6-7-30), Frank Wykoff visited relatives in the city of Des Moines, Iowa where he was born and is interviewed. (added 10-20-03)


6-16-30 Wykoff certified into the All American Record of Track and  Field


6-19-30:  Newspaper photo and article - Frank Wykoff is declared the new "Fastest Human" and "King" of the Cinder path -- in setting a new world record in the 100 yard dash (1930). (added 12-04-03)


June, 1930:  Newspaper article entitled "New Queens & Kings" featured Frank Wykoff,  Helene Madison, Herman Brix, and Stella Walsh. (added 12-04-03)


8-11-30 International Newsreel Photo - Wykoff , Russell Sweet, and Les Hables race at a Picnic in San Francisco prior to Wykoff breaking his ankle. (added 5-13 -04)


1931 - Newspaper Articles


May 17, 1931:  Reprinted article by Braven Dyer  of the Los Angeles Times entitled: "Two World Records that Generate Thrills" concerning a USC vs. Stanford track race on May 17, 1931 includes the accomplished results of competitors:  Aebersold, Dick Barber,  Berry,  Brugman, Earl Callahan, Kenneth Churchill,  Crawford, Hector Dyer, Ben Eastman,  Vic Fitzmaurice,  Gardner,  Bill Graber, Al Hables, Bob Hall, Cliff Halstead,  Bill McGeagh, Milton Mauer,  Ted Meredith,    Spud Mossman,  Nesbit, Ernie Payne,   Ches Unruh, Frank Wykoff, and Vic Williams.  Also mentioned were: Coach Dean Cromwell,  Charles William Paddock and Coach Dink Templeton.

(added 9-24-04)


Helms Foundation Newsletter -- First lights at Coliseum in L.A. and Wykoff  vanquished Percy Williams of Canada


June, 1931:  Wykoff & Olympic Swimmer Olive Hatch - in a 1932 Olympic  promotion.  Reprint of a newspaper article  announcing that Wykoff was elected as Monarch of the pre-Olympics Pageant & Water Sports held at Hermosa Beach,  CA (added 8-21-03)


Wykoff & Olive Hatch promote the 1932 Olympic theme poster that appeared in the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner on August  20, 1972.   (added 8-21-03)


1932 - Newspaper Articles


Injuries Sustained Downhearted Wykoff's Dream of Competing in the 1932 Olympics internet article written by Terri Wykoff 2003


1933 - Newspaper Articles


9-33: NEW Article by George T. Davis - "Sports Hero Ambitious in Plans" described Frank Wykoff's new career as an athletic coach at Moran School for boys at Atascadero, CA.  (added 10-19-05)


1934 - Newspaper Articles


Frank Wykoff in Ripley's Believe it or Not - World Record 8.7s in Flying Start.


6-10-34 Excerpt from Los Angeles Times on 6-09-34 on Frank Wykoff's participation in the Pentathlon Program - "Dash Ace Runs Race in 8.7s"


1935 - Newspaper Articles


 "Mannish Girls, Bah!" (1935) -- Controversial newspaper article concerning F. Wykoff's Lecture to the Ladies Athletic Association encouraging young ladies to leave Track & Field sports to the men.


1936 - Newspaper Articles


News article -- COMEBACK  of Frank C. Wykoff - 1936   in athletic competition.  Page has action shots in progression of the race. Photographs by Frank Bentley.


 "For Sake of Sport" -- by George T. Davis - Wykoff's comeback is described.  The writer was amazed that Wykoff chose his Jr. High coach to train under rather than Coach Norm Hayhurst.


5-20-36Pre-Olympic Race - 1936 - Wykoff Defeats Draper and Boone


Wykoff - Slated as 1936 USA Flag Bearer Sports Editor George T. Davis recaps Wykoff's entire Athletic Career in this 1936 Article.  (added 2-23-03)


6-27-36:  "Dig Into Your Pockets"  article written by sports writer, Frederick Graham, who sought monetary contributions to be applied toward the traveling expenses of Frank Wykoff -- winner of the 100 yard dash in the Olympic semi-finals so that he could compete at the Olympic finals at Randall's Island, New York.


June, 1936: "The Big Gyp" -- article written by columnist, Frederick Graham.  Graham first thanked his readers for the contributions made towards the traveling expenses of  Frank Wykoff  to compete at the 1936 Olympic Finals at Randall's Island, New York. 


7-11-36:   Dorothy (Poynton) Hill Was Not Over The Hill  Reprint of excerpt of  "Muscle Bound With Frederick Graham" 7-11-36 - Glendale News-Press.  Sports Columnist Editor, Frederick Graham published an apology to two time (1928 & 1932) Olympic High Dive Champion, Dorothy Hill, for wrongly predicting that she would not make the 1936 American Olympic Team.  (added 2-18-04)


7-11-36:  Reprint of column by Frederick Graham on day of Olympic Finals believed Wykoff was out of the race, and later surprised that Wykoff got another chance at competition in the "race of leftovers"  and made the 1936 USA Olympic Team. (added 2-17-04)


7-11-36: Newspaper photograph of the 100 meter race at the Olympic Finals at Randall's Island, N.Y. 1936 include action shots of Jesse Owens, Ralph Metcalfe, Frank Wykoff, Sam Stoller, and Marty Glickman. (added 2-17-04)


July 1936:   Olympic Financial Woes - 1936 sports Editor -- Frederick Graham (added 2-13-04)


July 1936:  Reprint of Claude Newman's Column ..."For What It's Worth" in which he made predictions concerning who  would be bringing home the Gold to the USA Newman centers much of his column on the skills of Jesse Owens, and comments on other star athletes including: Frank Wykoff, Ben Eastman, John Woodruff, Foy Draper, Ralph Metcalfe, Cornelius Johnson, Dave Albritton, Earle Meadows, Bill Sefton, and Bill Barber.  (added 2-13-04)


7-15-36:  United Press newspaper photo and article: "Largest Squad in History Shoves Off For Berlin and Huge Games": USA Athletes aboard SS Manhattan  en-route to Olympics 1936


July, 1936:  "Harmony Amongst Athletes" - Newspaper photo and write-up about Wykoff, Owens, and Ralph Metcalfe training aboard the S.S. Manhattan En-route to Berlin.


July, 1936: While Aboard S.S. Manhattan page highlights a reprint of an article written by sports Editor, Frederick Graham, who described the final results of the 100 Meter Track and Field Event at the 1936 Olympics held at Berlin.  Mr. Graham also included a reprint of a personal letter that Frank Wykoff wrote to him aboard the S. S. Manhattan en-route to Berlin dated July 17, 1936.


August,  1936:  Wykoff ... "His spiked shoes have left indelible prints" Edited reprint - columnist George T. Davis "For Sake of Sports. "(added 2-12-04)


August,  1936: "Owens Great, says Wykoff"  -   Wykoff  writes his parents from Olympic Village


8-09-36:  Newspaper:   USA 400 Meter Relay (Wykoff-Draper-Metcalfe-Owens) team (Berlin - 1936)


August,  1936:  "Frankie (Wykoff) Gains Six Meters During Anchor"- Newspaper (Berlin - 1936)    


August,  1936: "Speed Their Business"  -- Newspaper photo - Wykoff, Draper, Metcalfe, and Owens (1936)


August,  1936: The "Victorious Athletes 1936 Olympics"  page contains an edited reprint of a column entitled 'For Sake of Sport' written by George T. Davis that recapped  star athletes performances at the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, Germany.  Those highlighted in the article include: Jesse Owens, Frank Wykoff, Earle Meadows, Helen Stephens, Johnny Woodruff, U.S.C. Coach Dean Cromwell, Ken Carpenter, Archie Williams, Cornelius Johnson, Dave Albritton, Delos Thurber, Glenn Morris, Bob Clark, Jack Parker, and Mack Robinson.


August 1936:   Glendale Greets Olympic Athletes (1936) Edited reprint of newspaper article. (added 2-12-04)


August 1936:  Wykoff - Thurber Honored Reprint of a Newspaper Article. (added 2-12-04)



BEYOND THE CINDER PATH - Newspaper Articles


1959:  "THE SAGA OF SPRINTING" -- an article written by Ted Hasapes has been reprinted for easier reading.  The actual article has been scanned and included.  The year of the article is approximately 1959.  Mr. Hasapes reflects back into time of Frank Wykoff's early athletic accomplishment -- as well as into the present life of Frank Wykoff,  who at this time is the  Director of Specials Schools in the County of Los Angeles, California.


1958: Flashback - 30 Years Later   article written by:  Maxwell Stiles -- Los Angeles Examiner - The "Flashback - 30 Years Later" page features Olympic Champion, Frank Wykoff, director of ten county special schools in Los Angeles, who  is interviewed concerning his thirtieth anniversary since he first defeated his childhood idol, Charles Paddock -- and also named his top foes during his victorious athletic years 1928-1936 .


1968: NEW ARTICLE (reprint) - Photographs by Larry Bartlett - Article by Jack Levitan - Post-Advocate Sports Writer - "Wykoff: track great looks fondly back" .  Levitan published a summary of Frank Wykoff's athletic life and pursuits up to the then up-coming 1968 Olympics. (added: 10-11-05)


1970:  NEW -- Kenny Washington - UCLA Football Great! 1970 El Gordo Newsletter article headlined ... "Down Memory Lane" highlighted the physical plight of Kenny Washington -- who was suffering from a muscular disease, and also spotlighted Frank Wykoff's athletic achievements. (added 10-13-05)


1970: While visiting Spain, Frank Wykoff was interviewed by Phillip Jerome concerning the improvements made in  track & field since 1936 -- including smoother running  tracks, and the use of starting blocks that help to increase the speed of  sprinters.


1972:  "For A Former Super Speedster, The Memories Linger On."

Newspaper article (1972)  Wykoff's memories of the 1932 Olympics. Article written by: Alan Bine - Herald Examiner

1974:  Los Angeles Times Newspaper article by Bob Oates   1 9 7 4 -- "Immortality In 9 Seconds Flat!"


1980:  Onetime World's Fastest Human, Wykoff, 70, Dies

 A 1980 reprint of an obituary column written by Shav Glick, of the Los Angeles Times who outlined Wykoff's athletic achievements and his career as Director of the Los Angeles County Special Schools. (added 9-07-04)


2004: Foy Draper - 1936 400 Meter Relay Team In the quest for answers, Perry Flippin, editor emeritus at the San Angelo Standard-Times sought bits and pieces of information to solve  a family mystery surrounding the whereabouts of his 2nd cousin -- 1936 Olympic Champion, Foy Draper, who was declared  Missing in Action during WWII .(added 6-08-05)



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