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Photograph of Bruce & Sallie Caulder Shared by:   Jeanne McDaniel
Photo Editing - Bruce & Sallie Caulder  by:  Jim McDaniel & FrankWykoff.Com
copyright - all rights reserved


Bruce & Sallie Caulder
En-Route to Denver, Colorado

Bruce & Sallie Caulder en-route to Denver (year?) from Arkansas

The Great Nephew of Bruce Caulder,
 Jim McDaniel, wrote:
"The (above) photo (is) of Bruce Caulder and his wife, Sallie
(Bradford) Caulder ... during their trip to
Denver. He (Bruce Caulder) made the AAU photos."

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Page 5 of 13  Intro Band Bracey   Brix  Caulder  ???    Ferris  Krenz Leistner  Martin  Maxwell  Paddock  Wykoff


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